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DU - Digital University

A platform for the diversity – aware integration of data coming from multiple sources, within and across universities, worldwide. Towards the ever-evolving University Data Web.

Vision and Mission

The higher education system is large, worldwide and growing. This Digital University solution is motivated by the key observation that most universities aim for improving the quality of the university services. In the higher education sector, there is also great competition for funds and status, which is why universities are becoming progressively interested in data/information management and quality. Furthermore, as more and more universities around the globe aspire to become world-class universities, this issue is becoming paramount. These aims are enabled by knowledge management on the data available in the University information systems. This knowledge management could provide a deeper, holistic understanding of the University, in all its articulations.

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Our Project Types

Academic Data Integration

Integration of data sources involved in the activities of the university, including publications, lessons, professors, administrative staff, projects, among others.

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Tech Development

These projects are focused in developing new or evolving features for the platform.

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Competence Representation

Representation of the different research and interest areas involved in the university and categorization of publications, and people according to it.

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Open Data

To enable transparency and the creation of third party services, part of the data is made available as Open Data.

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The use of evaluation and weighting functions that are applied to the integrated data to assign scores and ranking to the university, its departments and key persons.

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Website Data Access

The parsing of all the previous services into an easy-to-use and appealing interface that can be presented as part of the public university website.

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GDPR Compliance

The data integration and management of personal information are carefully treated to comply with the European GDPR.

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